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Tiny House On Wheels are popping up everywhere in the country. We call it a new movement against financial burden and in-discriminatory consumption of goods. Furthermore Tiny House movement has gained traction in all parts of world. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK and  in parts of Europe; various tiny house communities are popping up everywhere.

People are fed up over the surmounting loans that one bears with a regular house. To them Tiny House On Wheel is a solution to this problem. A 28′ tiny house on wheels (THOW) cost about 15% the cost of a regular home in US & Canada. This makes sense to shift to downsize to a THOW.



What is a Tiny House On Wheels (THOW)?

Tiny House On Wheels is primarily a Tiny house that is movable by using a movable trailer as its foundation. Tiny House normally are used by people who don’t mind living in small spaces and are enthusiastic to save some (Read A LOT) money on their houses.




How much does a Tiny House on Wheels Costs?

Like I mentioned THOW costs just about 15% of a regular house in US. It costs about $30,000 (USD) for a 28′ THOW. FYI Median cost of a REGULAR House in US is $213,000 .


What is the size of a tiny house on wheels?

Normally, Tiny House On Wheels comes in sizes of 8’6″ (W) x 20′ (L) x 13′. Where Length varies from 12′ to 40′. The total maximum allowable length is 65′  which includes the towing vehicle.


What is the maximum width of a tiny house on wheels?

A Tiny House On Wheels can have a fixed size (width wise) according to US & Canada government regulations of 8’6″. However sizes vary in Germany, UK, Oz & Nz.


What is the maximum height of a tiny house on wheels?

A tiny house in USA & Canada can go to a maximum height of 13’6″ with  no exception in any state.


How much does a tiny house weigh?

For a tiny house that is 24′ long, the weight of trailer is about 2000 lbs + Weight of structure and appliances comes to about 10,000 – 13,000. This totals to about 15,000 lbs for the complete Tiny House On Wheels. Remember you gotta be very cautious with the weight of your THOW, always try to keep it as light as possible.


Can Tiny Homes Be insured?

Yes, A tiny house can be insured, there are a few companies who provide full coverage of your THOW and tiny houses on foundation (THOF).


Do tiny homes depreciate in value?

Yes, unlike the conventional homes, tiny homes depreciate in value. They follow the same fate as of vehicles.




Difference between Tiny House On Wheels (THOW) and Tiny House On Foundation (THOF)

A THOW finds its foundation as a trailer which is movable, in case of a THOF the foundation used is the earth. A THOF sits on the ground and has no size restrictions compared to a THOW. THOF follows the regular residential code (IRC) that the regular houses follow.

Please Note: Tiny House on Foundation (THOF) is also called just ‘Tiny House‘. The term Tiny House however, is used interchangeably for both THOW & THOF.




Government Restrictions on Tiny House On Wheels

The laws can vary by states by if you are building a THOW you gotta adhere to the size restraints that the government has put on. Also, parking a THOW can be a huge problem for the tiny house-rs since there aren’t any clear regulations put forth by the states. In some states a tiny house is considered as an ADU, while in some state it is a vehicle. furthermore some states treat it just as a RV.


Do tiny home owners pay property tax?

Yes, Tiny home owners have to pay property tax but that’s usually not as high as those of regular houses and the taxes vary by states.


Major Requirements of Tiny House On Wheels



If you want a THOW (Tiny House On Wheels), then you’ll be using the trailer as your foundation. To make the trailer stronger, you should reinforce the joints or any other weak point that may cause problems. After securing your floor foundation, you should sheath the lumber with an Oriented- Strand- Board (OSB) or plywood. Remember to add insulation and a vapor barrier to protect your tiny house against water.

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Tiny House Plan

Whether you DIY your tiny house or Hire a builder, you’ll need to have your tiny house plan. Drafting a tiny house-building plan can sometimes be very hard especially if you have no idea on what you need. For this reason, most people will buy a tiny house plan, this helps them get a professionally built tiny home plan which they, if tried to DIY might land in some trouble.

With your tiny house plan, you can have an insight on what to expect as soon as the construction is complete. Make sure that you follow the tiny house plan to the letter if you are to build a tiny house without any issues.

Myth Buster: You need a tiny house permit if you are going to build a tiny house and plan to use it as a residential unit. The Tiny House plans needs to be approved by the planning department of your town/county.

Related: I’m an Architect and I charge a small fee ($199) for designing a custom tiny house plan which suits your needs exactly.


Builder or Handyman

A lot of people try to DIY a tiny house and if you one with a little of experience in house construction, it’ll be quite of a journey to build a tiny house on wheels for yourself. You can then proudly say, ‘I’ve Built This House With My Own Hands’. Most people who do it are glad that they did it themselves. However, if you feel you aren’t confident about building your tiny house better hire a builder and give him your tiny house plans, the builder will build it accordingly.



Tiny house on wheels are made using stick frame construction technique. Mostly there a huge lot of materials required to build a tiny house. Well, the materials required are same as what is required in a regular house. Like, joists, studs (2x), rafters, windows, doors, nails, wrap, fasteners, strap downs, paint, sheathing, plywood, insulation, electrical wires, conduits, electrical box, PVC pipes, glue and the list goes on.



Like materials the tools required are the same as the ones required for a regular home. For instance, Speed Square, chalk box, level, utility knife, circular saw, quick grip clamps and the list will go on. You can either borrow them from your friend who has it, or buy used tools.

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1. Tiny House Plan


1. California

Alameda, Contra Costa, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Sacramento, and Sonoma, THOW are allowed as “caregiver dwellings“. Whereas in Fresno, THOW are legally allowed

2. Colorado

East Animas City neighborhood, Walsenberg and Durango. In these three towns Tiny house and Tiny houses on wheels are completely legal, whereas in other areas of the state it is still under grey zone.

3. Texas

Fort Worth, Spur, and Austin are the places where the law has been amended to allow tiny houses. Whereas in Dallas the ADUs have got an exemption (please ask your local planning department for detail). In some parts of Texas there’s literally no building code and zoning regulations which means you can make whatever kind of house you like, no one will bat an eye.

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4. Michigan

Detroit has recently allowed it for low income population.

5. Florida

Rockledge, FL has allowed building of tiny houses on wheels sometime ago.

6. Massachusetts

Nantucket county saw a movement and I think it’s probably approved there by now. Please check this with local authorities.

7. Oregon

Portland is the tiny house haven. The city allows and supports tiny house of all types. For this reason, the tiny house enthusiasts have flocked from all over the states to the city of Portland.



If you plan to use your tiny house as a RV you need to get it certified from RVIA (USA) or CSA (Canada). This is because most of the RV parks won’t allow tiny houses that aren’t RVIA certified. Well, there’s no need to fret about it since there is a long list of Tiny House communities that allow your tiny house to be parked on their land.

There’s also a certification called NOAH certified tiny house, but I’ve been hearing stories of their incompetence, so chuck it.


Have you registered your tiny house on wheels as a RV? if yes, you can park it anywhere you like, for instance, your backyard, RV parks, on a friend’s driveway, or in camping sites.
I made an article just about tiny house parking and I think you should read this.


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