What Is A Tiny House Plan?

A Tiny House Plan is a set of construction drawings which are used to

  1. Get an idea of tiny house layout
  2. Give this tiny house plan/blueprint to a builder to get a quote for construction.
  3. Help the builder or DIY enthusiast to build the house by looking at the construction drawings available with the plan
  4. Submit it to your local planning department for permission of construction.

Are These Plans DIY Friendly?

Yes, all of our plans are DIY friendly unless specified otherwise.

What's Included In My Tiny House Plan Purchase?

  • Fully Dimensioned Floor Plan
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Electrical Plan
  • Roof Details
  • Door & Window Schedule
  • Sectional Plan

Return Policy

We have a No Return Policy on all our plans since all our plans are digitally downloadable. We used to have a return policy on our plans but were taken unethical advantage of. Since then we have stopped our return-refund policy.

Should you have any modifications to be made in your house plan, you can contact us

I want to make modifications in a plan, How do I do it?

Rarely does it happen that clients don’t want any change in their tiny house plan. We completely understand that and therefore have a provision for the same. 

You can ask us to modify your plan by hiring us at flat $109.  This charge includes unlimited modifications till client’s satisfaction.

Can I get a Revit, AutoCAD or Sketchup file for the plan I bought?

Sure, We make our plans on AutoCAD and/or Revit. We’d be happy to give any of those files. Sketchup however is not possible since we don’t design on SketchUp.

You can get the files for your plan by mailing us at holmesplan@gmail.com
Please Note: The Revit/AutoCAD files come at an additional cost of $199

Is It Possible To Get Printed Set of Plans?

In our efforts to stay eco-friendly and reduce our carbon footprint we have stopped delivering printed sets of plans since Nov 2018. 

Why Should I Buy From You?

Cuz We’re Coool! Lol, Just kidding!!

We stand by the Batman Quote: ‘It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me’. For us, client satisfaction is the underlying ideology that instills in all the work we do and aspire to.

TBH, Our clients choose us for our competence. We know that client satisfaction comes from Competent Pricing and Best Quality Product. 
Our managers are working their heads off to get you the right product quality for the lowest price which makes you save 35-50% on your total cost.

How Many Houses Can I Build Using This Plan?

All our plans come with a single license to build. Should you need to build more than one tiny home using this plan you may please contact us

Are Your Plans Ready To Submit To My Building Department For Permitting?

For Tiny House On Wheels:

You don’t need to get permission from local building department for construction of THOW, you might need to register it as a trailer with Department of Transportation. That’s normally the case in most counties however the laws are different in each county. We suggest to you ask a friend or a tiny house community to know about local laws if the government department doesn’t help much.

For Tiny House On Foundation & Small Homes

Every county is different. Our plans contain enough information to build a home, but they may not include all of the information that your local authority requires. Prior to application for a building permit or the start of actual construction, we strongly advise that you consult your local building official to verify what you will need to submit for your building permit.

Where Do I Find The Right Tiny House Builder?

We maintain an awesome list of tiny house builders and manufacturers all across the globe. Take a look here